Yoni Powers: Rosequartz Yoni Egg

The magic of yoni eggs has worn off now. I am no longer excited about the pretty colours and shapes. I’m ready to take this egg thing seriously. Which is why, this time round, I took it slow and actually researched different eggs. What would be best for me? What crystal relates to and represents what? Is the egg man made or completely natural? I’m going to do it write this time round.

So I found myself wondering around Camden and I came across Marie’s Jewllery African Artifacts. A stall in Camden that has a bunch of crystals, African art, fabric and  murals. Of course, it being owned by an auntie (black woman old enough to be your mother) meant that I had to go in and have a look. The place was filled with all different types of eggs, so I automatically go over to the ones I know. Rose Quartz. My knowledge on crystals is not that good yet. I know the basics (mostly from watching Steven Universe) like, amethsyt, Clearquartz, Lapis Lazuli and of cousre RoseQuartz. All I really knew about rosequartz is that it has something to do with love. (Like I need to address that problem again *rolls eyes*) But the Disney romantic in me, reached over and bought it.

And yes this one is real rosequartz. I checked with Auntie, she actually said real eggs are getting hard to get a hold of. So I might have to start putting my orders in, because I want to add a clearquartz to the collection.


So what is Rosequartz?

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love, also known as the love stone.  It is known to restore trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love.  Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.  Calming and reassuring, it helps to comfort in times of grief.  Rose Quartz dispels negativity and protects against environmental pollution, replacing it with loving vibes.  It encourages self forgiveness and acceptance invoking self trust and self worth.

Rose Quartz strengthens and balances the physical heart and circulatory system, and releases impurities from body fluids.  It hastens recovery, reduces high blood pressure, aids chest and lung problems, heals the kidneys and adrenals, and alleviates vertigo.  A good energetic support for those with leukaemia. Rose Quartz has the power to increase fertility and to protect both mother and unborn fetus from miscarriage.

Healing Properties

  • Unconditional love
  • Self-love
  • Mother love/ Femmine energy
  • Caring
  • Kindness
  • Friendship
  • Romantic love
  • Platonic love


How does it feel?

This rosequartz egg pretty much feels the same as my opalite one. I would say though, that my rosequartz one is a tiny bit bigger and it bit heavier. But it’s not too noticable, it just makes for a good pum pum workout. ūüėČ The whole insertion and extraction process is exactly the same as before.

Click on the link to see my previous about my other yoni egg. https://feedthequeen.com/2016/08/31/yoni-powers-yoni-egg/ So if its your first time using a yoni egg, go check out that post. Plus there are tons of videos online, with ladies explaining how to use one, so theres no need to panic.

So yeah, so far I’m really enjoying this egg. Stay tuned, there will be tons of updates and reviews to come for the Yoni Powers segment.

Stay Blessed Queens.

Yoni Powers: Moringa Tea

This tea is amazing. I asked the lady at the Ankh Wellbeing Centre in Shephard’s bush, (if you haven’t been there go) if she had anything to give me a cleanse. And Moringa tea was the answer. This packet of tea sat in my room for about a week before I decided to try it. And I made the adult decision not to put in any sugar or honey, because I’m trying to be healthy an eat clean. What is the point of drinking a tea meant to cleanse you and then mixing it with SUGAR (which is basically the devil, that I’m in love with)

I whipped up a batch of this with fresh boiling water and let it brew for a few minutes. The smell is a little weird, but the taste is actually not that bad; you get used to it pretty quickly. This particular tea that I bought, comes in tea bags, making it easier for me to make. But you can get the fresh dried Moringa and do all that yourself.

So I made a cup of this tea recently, during my cycle. I usually get little annoying cramps that make me miserable for the rest of the day. I tell you, this tea was magic it made me relax completely, after 5 minutes the pain was gone and I was in a better mood. I think it  was a mixture of drinking something hot and the added benefits of the Moringa that really helped me. No painkillers needed. I also use it for my D.I.Y fem wash, which I will talk about in a later post.



So what actually is Moringa?

Moringa oleifera, also known as horseradish tree, ben tree, or drumstick tree, is a small tree from India, Nepal, Jamaica and of course Africa, that has been used for generations in Eastern countries to treat and prevent diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, anemia, arthritis, liver disease, and respiratory, skin, and digestive disorders.

Moringa has become popular as a leaf powder supplement, although the pods, roots, bark, flowers, seeds, and fruits are also edible.

Benefits of Moringa

  • It’s nutrient-packed:¬†Moringa is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It contains significant amounts of vitamins A, C, and E; calcium; potassium; and protein.


  • It fights free radicals:¬†Antioxidants fight free radicals, molecules that cause oxidative stress, cell damage, and inflammation.¬†Moringa contains antioxidants called flavonoids, polyphenols, and ascorbic acid in the leaves, flowers, and seeds.


  • It helps reduce some diabetes symptoms:¬†Moringa leaf powder has been effective at reducing lipid and glucose levels and¬†regulating oxidative stress in diabetic patients, which means it lowers blood sugar and cholesterol and improves protection against cell damage.


  • It contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties:¬†Moringa has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that fight infections. It’s been effective against types of fungi that cause infections on skin and strains of bacteria responsible for blood and urinary tract infections and digestive problems.




So please ladies, go give it a try. I bought mine from The Ankh Wellbeing Centre. (https://www.list.co.uk/place/72218-ankh-wellbeing-centre/) *Go support them* Or you can just get some online. This links into looking after your temple, you need to be healthy from within.

Stay blessed Queens.

Yoni Powers: Mooncup

Periods can sometimes seem like a curse. I remember being in High School, with really bad cramps and the constant thought that I was leaking. It seemed that being a woman and having periods was a curse. I used to dread every ¬†month, because I knew I had to stick that horrible piece of cotton to my nickers and be forced to do P.E. (Sports) ¬†Now that I’m older, the sign of my period is a blessing. ūüėČ

My struggle with finding the right sanitary protection has always been a journey. Pads are like a weird sort of nappy, that just sit there and tampons are soaked in all sorts of chemicals and bleach.

So what else can I use to capture my flow?

*The Mooncup – known in the USA as MCUK – is the original silicone menstrual cup designed by women to be a convenient, safe and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and sanitary pads. Loved by women all around the world, and made in the UK by a multi-award winning ethical business, the Mooncup menstrual cup offers an end to the waste, discomfort and expense of disposable sanitary protection.*


Made from soft medical grade silicone, the Mooncup is latex-free and contains no dyes, BPA, toxins or bleaches. It’s also great for women with sensitive skin.

Tampons can cause dryness and leave fibres behind. The Mooncup is designed to respect your natural balance.


On average, one woman will use over 11,000 tampons or pads in their lifetime, which will end up in landfill or in the sea.


One woman uses up to 22 items of sanitary protection every period. Regardless of your flow, you only need one Mooncup, and it lasts for years and years, making it the most economical sanitary product you can buy.


Is it awkward to get in?

YES, THE ANSWER IS YES. This is due to me, simply not knowing how to use it and lack of experience. The Mooncup does take some getting used to, its very weird at first. I thought OK, I’m used to tampons, this should be pretty easy. WRONG. It took me a few tries, after squatting, putting my leg up on the toilet, sitting on the toilet, I finally managed to get it in. (I suggest you do this in the comfort of your own home, instead of a public toilet, like I did.) ¬†And its nothing like a tampon, it sits much lower, but at the same time you don’t feel it. (if it’s in right)

After watching several videos, I managed to get an idea of how it works. So it takes some time, but it becomes easier. I have been using it for two cycles now and I can stay that I am happy with it. Is it something that I’m going to stick to? Maybe. But for now I’m happy. Its healthier for my body, it’s cheaper and it’s more environmental. Where can I go wrong? It’s just going to take some time to get used to.

The cup also comes in two different sizes. I am size B, with is basically for women who have not had children. It tells you on each box, which size you should choose. So don’t worry.


Keeping it Clean

Now to clean my cup, I just put it in a old container that I don’t use anymore. Fill it up with boiled water and put a cap full of Dettol in there. If you do not know what that is, its basically a disinfectant. I let the cup sit in that for a few minutes and then rinse it thoroughly, because you do not want Dettol in your taco. It can be really strong, which is why you dilute it with lots of water. I also carry wipes with me, when its that time of the month, so I can not only keep myself clean but the cup to.


So there you have it ladies. If you are looking for a healthier alternative to tampons, I suggest getting a menstrual cup. Yes, I know its weird to put something up there. But it is so much better. If your happy with your pads, then I’m happy for you. But if your tired of that then upgrade and welcome your vagina into the world of cups.

*OH and I had no leaks.*

I will keep you updated on this, to see¬†if I completely contradict myself in the months to come or if I stick with it. ¬†Have you tried a menstrual cup? How was it? Any other gadgets you’ve tried to capture your flow? Let me know. ūüôā

Stay blessed Queens.


Yoni Powers: Yoni Egg

 My Opalite Yoni Egg

  • Psychic abilities
  • Spirituality
  • Transition

Opalite is a man-made synthetic glass, mistakenly known by a number of different names, including – Tiffany Stone, Opalised Fluorite and Purple Opal. When I purchased my egg, I didn’t know that it was man made, so I was a little disappointed. So I did some research and found that they mix clear quartz with other stuff, like metal and plastic.


Chakras Third Eye Chakra
Typical colours – clear or milky, and iridescent. I like to say rainbow.

Opalite is subtle yet highly energetic.  It is ideal for meditation.  Opalite improves communication on all levels, especially the spiritual.  It removes energy blockages of the chakras and meridians.  Emotionally, Opalite helps by assisting during transitions of all kinds.  It engenders persistence and gives us strength in verbalising our hidden feelings.  It can also help us to be successful in business.

Opalite is for all-round healing.  It aids sexual prowess, enhancing sexual experience.  Opalite stabilises mood swings and helps in overcoming fatigue.  It purifies the blood and kidneys.

So basically, the gist of it is that, the clear quartz used, is still present but not as powerful because it is mixed. So I am currently using the egg. But the whole point of me buying a Yoni egg, was not only for a good pum pum work out, but for spiritual enlightenment. Crystal Quartz give its owner, energy and calmness. They are natural and made my mother earth. I did not want something that can be made in a factory and turned into glass. They mixed something beautiful and watered it down.

Well, your saying, “It’s your fault for not asking and researching before you bought it.” Yes, Yes I know, the lady I bought it from had various crystals and eggs. I was drawn to the Opalite, because of its unique colour. When I asked the lady, what the crystal was, she said she wasn’t really sure. (Should of been my first red flag) But hey, I wanted a yoni egg and no one could tell me any different, so I bought it for ¬£20. It was a black business, so I was keen. *rolls eyes*


So how has the egg actually been?

I had to watch a couple of insertion videos before I started. Because I put it up the wrong way. (You insert the larger end first, pushed energy outwards.)¬†After I figured out how to get it up there, it was a breeze.You don’t feel it, it’s like you vagina just eats it up.

Now how did I actually get it out??

This is something, that I never thought I could do with my taco. (Now don’t laugh) I was panicking to get the egg out, I shoved my index finger and thumb up there to try and grip it out, but I couldn’t. So I relaxed and started to push. (Like I was giving birth, which I’ve never done) And it plopped out, like a little baby chicken egg. I don’t think you understand how funny this was. The vagina muscles are amazing, they literally pushed this object away and out of itself. I gave birth ladies, haha. (If only it was that easy and PAINLESS)

Anyway Queens, stay tuned. I will continue to use this Opalite egg for the next couple of weeks and record the effects it has. Then I am going to buy another egg and this time do my research, to see if there is any difference. I will keep you posted, on my yoni egg journey.

Stay blessed Queens.

Yoni Powers Edition

Yay. I’m so excited for this.

Yonis or vaginas are something us ladies find hard to talk about. Periods, discharge, that ‘fishy’ smell, U.T.I’S, to shave or not to shave. All of things topics are going to be covered in the Yoni powers edition.

Now what is a Yoni?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female genitals or¬†the vulva, especially as a symbol of divine procreative energy conventionally represented by a circular stone. Which translates to “source of all life” or “sacred space.” Which I think is pretty accurate.


There are things like ‘Yoni Breathing’, Yoni Eggs’, ‘Yoni Massage (Which is something I’m planning on trying ) *awkward wink face* I just ordered my first Yoni egg, so I will review that and everything else soon. But this stems into what I was talking about in the ‘What is a queen?’ post, referring to respecting your temple. Looking after your pum pum (Jamaican slang for vagina) is apart of that, most women were never taught or never cared about how to maintain and care for their vagina, until something happens. Like getting an infection or some horrible rancid fishy smell suddenly appears.

My journey with my beautiful,’juicy’, (name for my yoni) started with me getting a U.T.I. Now if you don’t know what that means it stands for Urinal Tract Infection. You can get this from sticking things up your yoni, usually the dreaded penis. Bacteria from the tip of a man’s penis gets all up in your urethra and gives you an infection. You pee all the time. It hurts to pee, your bladder aches and your vagina has this numb sort of feeling. Not good at all. You have to go the chemist and get this thing to dissolve in your water and if it gets really bad you have to go to the doctor andMa Re.jpg get some lovely man made medicine. So the simply knowledge of how to deal with this, like peeing after sex, will help to avoid it. Peeing after sex will in a way, will wash away the bacteria inside you. It sounds dumb, but it really makes

Anyway, back to Yoni powers. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting up products that I’m trying out, including my yoni egg.

Vagina’s are amazing. We as women are life, you can see it every
where. In nature, in culture (our culture), absolutely everywhere.

So lets begin Queens. Learning to respect your temple, will lead to others respecting your temple, it will lead to great health, great sex and a great life. So lets make our yoni’s powerful. Posts up soon.