Run towards yourself

Hey, hey, hey ladies. I’m back with a quick one. I got tired of writing about relationships and sex, when something exciting happens in my love life and I get inspiration to write something, I will. But for now, it’s not that deep or important.


So let’s now please focus on ourselves. I want to talk about the importance of creating a strong relationship with yourself. Sounds all preachy and stuff, but it’s needed and it’s important. This ain’t no therapy session, but we gon talk about some things.

A lot of us put large amounts of time, energy, money and even our bodies into other people. We focus so hard on maintaining relationships, with our family, friends, partners, that we forget to put some good ole work into maintaining a relationship with ourselves. A healthy relationship that is. You have to remember that you are all you have. You have to look after yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually. I’ve already talked about mental health in a previous post.


And physically, obviously means, what you’re putting into your body, like food and of course exercise.

But spiritually is a factor we tend to forget. I like to think of it as, me, myself and I. (And the many other versions of myself) I have created relationships with all of them, learnt their pros and cons; and got to know when they are needed. This is a work in progress, but let me explain. There is me as a whole and then there are various versions. There is happy me, sad me, I wanna be alone me, let’s go hang out me, productive me,  not so productive me, I could go on and on. The point is, is to accept the fact that you are not perfect. There are many sides to a woman, we are not this one prototype. We can be one person today and another person tomorrow. And that is fine. You can change your mind.

The point of the matter is, take time to find yourself or your many selfs. Whatever it is, just make sure to put yourself first. Your health, your happiness, your well-being. Shower yourself in self-love girl.


Do not ever forget to want more for yourself. If you aren’t happy about something in your life, change it, cut it out. Don’t have no money, go make some. Take some vitamins, go for a run, learn that language you always wanted to learn. Apply for that course you’re too scared to go to, book that flight, run that race. You dig? I make it sound easy and it’s not. Nothing in the adult world is. What I’m saying is you just gotta do it.

What I’m trying to say is do not limit yourself because of your fears. Be smart, but don’t be afraid to take risks, jump in and get s**t done. Don’t let your fears hold you back, don’t let your fears consume you. Don’t let your fears funnel their way down into the next generation. So many people are afraid and allow those fears to affect their relationships. So much so, that when they have kids, they push those fears on to their children. Next thing you know, they are afraid to live life too.

That’s why it’s so important for me to live my life, so one day when I eventually decide to have kids (maybe). I can teach and raise them to live life to fullest. I can actually create good human beings for the future. This is what I meant by, putting yourself first. It sounds selfish, but at the end of the day, doing you means you will eventually help the people in your life. It all starts with you. Wanting to be in a healthy relationship, with your dream man or wanting to have the dream job, means you have to sort your s**t out. You can’t have any of that until you do so. Not truly happily anyway.


I just figured this out and it’s exciting. It’s exciting to think of all the things you can do when you just accept yourself. When you just decide to be happy, when you decide to do you. It’s crazy to think that a lot of girls and even grown women are walking around not knowing this.

If this post made no sense to you, then you haven’t gotten there yet. Maybe you will understand one day. I’m never deleting this blog, so I can come back and laugh at how ridiculous I was a few years from now. So you can come back here whenever you want. Come back as many times, till it makes sense. Come back to argue if you really want to. I’m here.

giphy (2).gif

Stop running away life, stop running towards these f!&%kboys, start running towards dem goals. (I ain’t telling you what to do tho)

Run towards yourself babygirl. You’ll get there eventually.

Until next time,

Stay blessed.

Surviving your twenties 

A quick lil post with the usual ranting antics. Being in your twenties can seem like a real struggle sometimes. Your just starting out in life, you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re broke, you’re living with mummy and daddy (if you’re lucky) and everything just seems like its going nowhere. 

But do not fret. Feed The Queen is here to help. As a fellow 20 something year old, I can understand the pain of being completely lost. But its not all bad. Being in your twenties means you simply have more years to make the most out of your life. I don’t want to get to 50 and realise I haven’t done anything with my life or completely regret the decisions I made. Imagine waking up in a bed with a man you dont love or being stuck in a dead end job taking orders from someone who doesnt give a damn about your life. Dramatic huh? 

So I complied a list of what I think you should be doing to survive the horrible 20s. It helps me, so it might help you. 

Now this is something that I have only come to realise. Something’s aren’t supposed to be permanent. This can be for jobs, houses and most importantly people. You have to realise that you are going to go through different phases in your life. And that means that sometimes certain people are not going to move into the next phase with you. This can be hard to hear, because the thought of not talking to a certain friend or not being with your current boyfriend can be depressing. But thats life. And the first step in being an adult is accepting that life is a bitch. 

Sorry to break it to you. 

Again, something I am now starting to now do. And that is… Making myself happy. I’ve talked about this in previous posts. If it doesn’t make you happy, cut it out. Do what you want (in moderation) live your life. If something or someone is being a downer… You know what to do.

Not believing in yourself or what you can do, WILL limit your opportunities in life. If, in your mind believes you cannot do something, well guess what… you’re not going to be able to do it. I still haven’t been able to learn how to swim, because I’m convinced I’m going to die. 😂

The point is, have confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself and what you can do. 

Have you ever been invited out to an event or with friends and because of maybe anxiety or something like that… You cancel or say no? Or maybe a guy asked you out, but you got scared, because of your insecurities. This goes back to being confident, but the point is don’t be afriad to live your life. Say yes more, experience life, see what it has to offer you. You will make mistakes but thats OK… You learn from them. 

This is the phrase of my life. ITS NOT THAT DEEP. Life is too short to be worrying about men or some other person. Life is too short to be worrying about whether someone likes you or if you’ve got a spot on your face. Petty nonsense like that will hold you back love. Relax, go with flow. There are people in all around the world that are suffering, things that you could never imagine are happening right now. So I try not to complain and moan about my little problems, because it really isn’t that deep. I might be broke, hungry (I have food, I’m just being spoilt. First world problems.) and single,  but I’m alive with a roof over my head. 

This goes back to confidence and all of that. Knowing when to really jump into a situation and challenge yourself is the key to growth. And being in your twenties is all about growth. Its OK to push yourself sometimes and come out of your comfort zone, thats how you learn. Go learn Spanish, like you always wanted to or finally learn to swim (like I’ve been planning to do for the longest time)

The basic lesson to take from this post is to just live your life. I want to look back and can say that I really enjoyed my twenties, that it was a crazy time, but I enjoyed it.

Any advice for us twentie year olds? Comment below.

Until next time, stay blessed Queens.

Dealing with depression

This is long overdue. I was supposed to write about this a long time ago, but it’s ok… I’m doing it now.

Depression is something I wanted to talk about to you guys because it is something that has affected me all my life. Whether that be with me directly or having to deal with it from people in my life. Depression is something that effects a lot of people, some know it, some don’t. The key is to know when it’s starting to creep on you and how to stomp it out. I use the word creep because that’s how I would describe it. It’s not the feeling of suddenly becoming sad, it really is something that slowing consumes you.

So what exactly is depression?

I have no idea. Is it the emotion of just being sad and down? Or is it an actual mental thing?

Well, let me tell you what I think. Being sad, feeling down and having depression is all a mental thing. Everything goes back to your mind. Of course, there are different levels to how you feel, so sadness could be a lower level and depression could be a higher level. But at the end of the day if you are feeling some type of way, whether it be a weak or stronger feeling, something is happening and only YOU can do something to change it.

Now don’t let me fool you, taking action and fighting against your own self is the MOST difficult thing. Fighting with another person always seems hard, but at the end of the day, you can cut them off. You can tell them to go away, you can put the phone down, you can block them. You can call the police, you can run away. But when you are fighting with yourself, there is nowhere to run. You cannot just block out your mind or cut off your emotions. You are within yourself and there is nowhere to run. And that my dears… is depression. (for me) The fucking trap that is your mind and its got you by the balls/ovaries, as you run around and around trying to escape. Deep right? I guess that’s what leads to people committing suicide. The feeling of not having anywhere to go or no way out. But…

Now dealing with depression is something that I’m still working on. Getting my mind right and being happy is the number one goal in life. Me before anything.

So what can you do to combat these feelings?

  • Find out what’s making you feel like 💩💩This can be hard because sometimes you don’t even know what’s making you feel that way. It could be a certain person. It could be a certain place. Or something as simple as a smell, that just makes you feel down. (which sounds crazy but really is possible) For me, it’s my surroundings. I don’t like feeling trapped or crowded in. Which is one of the reasons why I’m bad with people. The idea of being stuck or limited to one place makes me in easy. I combat this with simply going outside. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, you can be outside. Some places are better than some, but never the less, being outside is a luxury most people have. Just open the door and walk to the park. One of the most beautiful things you can witness is the sunset/sunrise. And it’s free!! That right there can heal any soul. Sit on the bench or in the dirty grass and just breath. That is my way of freedom. So right now, I’m writing this on my phone at my nan’s house and everyone is talking, making noise. So I decided to go out in the garden and breath. Anti-social yes, but I feel better now. Whenever I used to feel down at uni, because I was all alone, in a box room with no money. I would walk up to this beautiful place, where you could see the London skyline and watch the sunset. That right there was peace.

  • Surround yourself with people who want the best for you. Now I always go on about this, but fake friends and fake relationships are toxic. Cut that shit out man… SAY IT WITH ME…. CUT THAT SHIT OUT. If you’re dealing with your own stuff and people are not understanding or making it worse. Then how is that going to help you, my dear? IF IT DOES NOT MAKE YOU HAPPY… CUT IT OUT.
  • Combat a negative action with two positive ones. Because why not double up on the positivity. Cancel out the negativity and start feeling good.
  • Stop backing out of situations that you really want to do, but are too scared to. Everyone has their own goals and aspirations. And if you want to do something. Go do it. It’s all about your happiness, remember? If you want to make music, make music. If you want to learn Spanish, go learn Spanish. If you want to do something, go do it. I really want to travel and that’s what I’m going to do. (I just need the money.😂😂) Because again it goes back my idea if freedom. Short story is, don’t be afraid to push yourself.

  • Don’t be afraid to talk about your feelings. This is something most men struggle with. You’re out here tryin be “the man”, but that stuff impacts your relationships. How can your partner and your friends and everyone else be understanding if they don’t know what you’re going through. I mean just because you tell people how you’re feeling, doesn’t mean they are going to be understanding. But it could help. You don’t have to sit there crying but just saying… “Hey, my mind isn’t in a good place, right now and I’m just going to need some time to get it right” The amount of relationships that have broken down because of the lack of communication of someone’s feelings.
  • Make the most out of the little things. Instead of letting things get you down, whatever they may be. Try and be optimistic… Which a lot of people find disgusting, with all that happy nonsense. Of course be realistic, but it works with me. Things are bad, yes, but, things can always be better. It’s easy for me to say this, because of my life. And I understand for a lot of people around the world, things aren’t just going to get better. But hey…. I’m just being optimistic.

Some people say depression is all about being a victim. A victim to yourself maybe? 🤔🤔 But trust me, you have the power to change it and make it better.

So remember to identify the reason for your depression if you can…. It may be something about yourself you’re not happy with. Counter that with a positive action or two. And just keep going.

Comment below and let me know what you think. I like hearing your opinions. Agree? Disagree? Ways you cope with depression… Let me know.

And until next time. Stay blessed.

My 2017 Goals

It’s the first day of 2017 and I’m thinking how am I going to make this year different to 2016; because we all know it was a rough one. So #newyearnewme right?

  • Make money (This is a must.)
  • Turn this blog into a brand. (How am I going to do that? Wait and find out.)
  • Host events for my people dem (connecting with like minded people)
  • Finish my Black beauty documentary.
  • Get fit (I know everyone says this, but yeah…)
  • Be even more of a carefree black girl
  • Travel
  • Allow myself to make myself happy
  • Stop the profanity
  • Get un-addicted to sugar and meat (I am utterly obsessed with chicken shops and anything that high amounts of sugar in. Basically if it’s going to give me diabetes, I must have it.)


So what can I do make sure this year better?

  • Get over my social anxiety: I have a problem with people. Which is stupid for a journalist and blogger. I am going to make a conscious effort to introduce myself to like minded people and build and all of that social stuff that I fear.
  • Have some self-control: If I want it, I’m getting it. Which seems like a good thing, but this rule applies to food, men, sleep. If I fancy food, I am going to make it, instead of going out and spending £2o+ on spring rolls.
  • Stop all this procrastination: We all know I am a victim of this. When it comes to uni work, editing, blogging, even cleaning the house, I find myself struggling to concentrate. I will tell myself to do something at 1 pm, next thing you know, I look up and my phone is in my hand and it’s 6.


  • Spend more time with the people I love: Family over everything. And of course myself, because I love myself. Don’t forget to say hello to yourself sometimes, the Goddess needs some attention.
  • Travel: I am promising myself to visit at least three countries this year, that I haven’t been to before. And obviously go back home to Barbados. I am going to do this all by myself. Yes I will be travelling by myself. My soul just needs this right now. I need time to clear my mind and think, so why not do that in a different location. So I think its going to be at least one African country and one Asian one. It’s been so long since I’ve looked up and seen the stars or felt sand between my toes.


  • And last but not least…. I am going to make sure that I am happy. My health, sanity, and happiness are the most important things to me this year. I need to be at the top of my game, in order to actually do anything. Sounds selfish, but I really do not care. Me and my happiness comes first.

So what are your 2017 goals ladies? Let me know below.

Until next time,

Stay blessed Queen.

Can you be Pro black and celebrate Christmas?

I am currently at my grandparents house, after having dinner. We’re at the point where everyone is bored and trying to find something to do. The turkey has been eaten, the presents have been opened and now I’m here thinking about how Christmas and me have grown apart over the years. Now I don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun today, but as I said before, I don’t want this to be the type of blog that gives a damn. I want this to be a blog that makes you think, makes you either angry or sad or happy, makes you feel some type of way. Thought is the first step, if you’re thinking that means you’re using your head, making you one step closer to not being a brain dead sheep.

So now think. Can you be ‘Pro-black’ and celebrate Christmas?

Well, I can tell you my opinion. I personally think European/ Western holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween etc.) are like poison to the African mind. But the first question we need to ask is what really is ‘pro-back’? I think we all like to consider ourselves to be so called pro black, because if you’re not it some what insinuates that you don’t care for black people. However the whole pro-black movement (in my opinion) has become a bunch of bull. Its like a GMO form of what I imagined the pro black movement would be like. You’ve got girls all naked on Instagram using the hashtag #woke and the whole ‘black lives matter’ movement is funded by George Soros (Democrat and bff with the Rothschild family. GOOGLE IT.) Let me stop I talked about this in my other post. Watch this vid of brother Polight, its very interesting.

Now back to the topic at hand. Th second question we need to ask ourselves is what is the true meaning of Christmas? Well if you consider yourself to be a Christian, you celebrate the holiday called Christmas. Where billions of people cerebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We all know the story, so there is no point going on. Now Christmas in 2016 is just materialistic and silly, a lot of people don’t even go to church. I actually just watched the Pope making a speech to his followers, expressing the need for people to stop being so crazy when it comes to Christmas and go back to it’s original purpose. (Jesus’s birthday) So if you are a Christian, Christmas is something you’re going to recognise and celebrate.

Type Black Christians in Google *interesting*

Your probably reading this thinking is this girl Christian? No, no I am not. I do not believe in Jesus Christ nor do I believe that he was born on the 25th of December. But as you know from earlier, I am here in my Christmas jumper, enjoying myself with the family. So am I a hypocrite? Maybe? So hold tight. I’m not going to use this post to bash Christians or anything like that. All I can say to my Christian friends and followers is that I love you, sit down, read your Bible, research the origins of Christianity. Research how black people became Christians and think for yourself. Remember I told you earlier to think, so think about your faith and how you as a black person fits into it. So am I atheist? Am I Muslim? Am I Jewish? Am I a devil worshipper?

Lol my religious beliefs are something that I will talk about in another post. I’m going to make this post short, because I have to get back to the family, but if I get a lot of replies on this I will definitely make a part two. The topic of religion is also something I want to talk more about. A lot of people are scared to address it, but you know me already, we are going to address it.

Moral of this post is… do what you want. I personally think that simply because your Christian doesn’t mean you don’t care about your people. Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists etc. can all be what we call ‘Pro-black’ (I use quotation marks, because the authenticity of the pro black movement is questionable.) Just be aware of what you are following, what you claim to be, what you do and how it affects people. I will leave the question of this post open to you. Debate between yourselves.

So until next time,

Stay Blessed Queens.

What’s your problem with the black man?

Now the word black is something that already strikes fear into the hearts of people. And the word man doesn’t exactly bring joy either. HA, sorry . But put both of those words together and you create society’s ultimate fear. Or it could be a complete turn on for some of us. Let me stop, the point is… ‘The Black Man’ is a topic that I keep finding myself talking about lately. Whether its’s in the news, with them being shot down in the street or chatting with friends about how they “ain’t shit”.  I don’t hear anything positive about our Kings, not from the media, not from black women, not even from myself.

So what’s your problem with the black man?


Well I can tell you what my problem was…

So let’s start from the beginning. From the beginning, I mean, the start of my life and the history of black men in it. Well, it wasn’t a very good start. The demon most would call my father, did not do very much fathering when I was a child. So I grew up in a household full of amazingly strong black women. My mother, my grandmother, all my aunties and even my cousins. Which sounds amazing, but that means I also grew up with very little male influence in my life.(Apart from my grandfather) I always thought that this was fine, that you don’t really need a father to grow up and live a good life. Which is true to a certain point. I have lived a good life, all of my family, especially my grandparents, jumped in to help raise me and support my mother. But, we’re left with one thing… ‘Daddy Issues’.

This is something I never thought existed until I got older, until recently. So long story short, daddy issues effects little girls who grew up without a father. (not all, but some) They have this need to be loved and accepted by a man. It simply stems back to them not getting any male attention as a child. Now your 21 and any man that shows you any type of interest is an instant husband. (in your mind)

So that’s number one. My father was the first black man in my life to let me down. But we’re not done. Oh no, there is more. So fast forward 16+ years and I meet my ex. WHO IS NOT BLACK. I REPEAT HE IS NOT BLACK. The little topic of interracial relationships is something I will address in another post, but for now bear in mind that my ex is Asian. And for almost 4 years, I considered myself to be happy with him, as I cussed black men for being too dark and having nappy hair. Crazy to think, right? I remember thinking that I would never date a black man, that dark skin guys were ugly and that all black men were a waste of space anyway. Which is really really sad, because no one ever taught me that. My mother never cussed my father, I never was never DIRECTLY told to not like black men. It was just something that formed. (I’m going to talk about how the media formed these ideas later)

…. actually hold up…..

  • Growing up and your parents told you not to date Nigerian or Jamaican men.
  • “Make sure you marry a man with good hair, so you don’t have to struggle with your kids.”
  • “No dark skin guys, cause the babies need to be pretty.”

OMG. I just realised these were all things I was told by the female members of my family as a child. WOW that is sad. Little do my aunties know that dark skin West African guys are life. 😉

So we are being force feed this from a very early age. And all this nonsense stems right back to slavery and the good ole ‘plantation mentality’ (The mentality left behind after slavery, lots of black people have it)

Anyway, guessing from the term ex, you already know things did not work out. So now we’ve reached the part where I’m single and ready to mingle. And literally every man I have met or went on a date since then has been black. And guess what…… drum-roll please. Every single one of those men have disappointed me in some way. Because of my so called ‘Daddy Issues’ I jumped right into the burning pit we all know as fuckboy land. Big mistake. Now we’re at 21 years later in and every man I have ever encountered, black or not, has let me down. So you can my animosity towards the male sex and in particular towards black men. This actually has nothing to do with black men, but the type of men that I am attracting. BUT… all is not lost. I took someones advise and have started emitting the type of energy I want to receive. I’ve started socialising with like minded people. I’ve even made friends with some members of the male sex… lol which is possible. (and is up for debate)

So before I get ripped apart by the internet and the whole of black twitter. Black men are the most magical creatures on earth, I can bear witness to that. This whole, “niggas ain’t shit”, is silly. (even though we use this phrase as banter sometimes) Until recently,  I have yet to really see how amazing black men are. It’s a shame that  some girls are growing up thinking black men are not for them. And actually, some young boys growing up thinking the same about black women. It works both ways.



So before I end this, I want to talk about the media’s role in the portrayal of the black man. The media, as we know is a scary, dark and misleading place. And that’s just for white people. So when it comes to black men the media can really rip into them. It’s in everything, film, music, advertisement. Everywhere we look the black male is portrayed in such a negative way. From gangsters, to deadbeat dads, unfaithful husbands and miserable old men. There is no real accurate representation of our men in the media. Don’t get me wrong all of those types of men exist, but there is so much more to us. We are artists, lovers, filmmakers, dancers, healers, inventors and everything else under the sun. But yet this isn’t shown enough.

The media plays a big role in our lives, whether we recognise it or not. So if it’s not portraying us right, paired with the fact that we are poorly educated, what we get is a nation of black people not liking themselves and not liking each other. People have a problem with black men and don’t even know it. (or maybe they do)

Let me know if you get what I’m saying in the comments below. I feel like I get what I’m saying, in my head, but reading it is another story all together. Nate Parker’s opinions on this are pretty interesting… have a look.


I simply wanted to write this post, because I’ve been hearing a lot of negative things about our brothers lately. (more than usual) And when I hear that hate come from black women it makes me sad, because I can relate.  But don’t worry guys, we haven’t abandoned you, we are here for you. But are you here for us? I will save that question for another post.

Till next time. Love, peace and blessings to our Kings.

Stay Blessed Queens.

My problem with the so called ‘Conscious’community

OK this post has been sitting in my drafts for quite a while. I was debating on whether to post this up or not, simply because people get salty over every little thing. But I don’t want this to be a blog that gives a damn. So…

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are different types of people that claim to be ‘conscious’. Having an Afro and wearing a dashiki does not make you conscious, my friend. Being woke is a state of mind, most of us haven’t even reached yet, including myself. My third eye isn’t even open, its just squinting a little.

Here we go.

The ‘I’m an activist, but I’m not actually active ‘ type
Living in London, means carnival takes place every year. This year I decided to go, because why not? So I text my friend from college, who I haven’t seen since Christmas. So not to make the story long, we get there and there is a group of people handing out leaflets. The leaflets were about London rapper (Dawood) David Robinson’s death; he was shot in late August, by what is thought to be a fellow rival. Basically the people at carnival, were simply raising awareness about his death and the lack of effort being put into the police investigation.

So as we walk past and one of the guys reaches out to hand a leaflet to my friend… ARE YOU READY? She says, “I’m good. I’m activist enough already.” And she just walks off to whine on some guy. OK, this is what I mean. How can you be activist enough already, what are you doing to help this? What have you done to make a difference? What the actual hell? These were all questions going through my head, so I just said nothing to her, took a leaflet and said thank you to the guy. And that day I learnt about the death of Dawood.

The word activist, means to be actually doing something, hence the word active. Your supposed to be making a change or at least trying. And if you’re not doing something, just keep your mouth shut and don’t be smug about it. OMG. The nerve.


The ‘I’m think I’m so conscious, which makes me better than anyone’ type
Right another story. I went to a Pan African meeting in North London, a few months ago. It was basically a meeting, were different speakers from the Pan African Community in London, came and gave a few speeches. So I turn up in my skinny jeans and crop top, looking nervous and completely awkward. (If you don’t know already, I am socially awkward, so being in a room with strangers is a task for me) Everyone else are wearing hand woven hemp trousers and rocking every type of Ankh jewellery possible. Like we get it the Ankh is amazing, but having Ankh earrings, necklaces, rings, t shirt, socks, and everything else; makes it look like you’re trying a bit much. (no hate) But that’s my opinion. Anyway, the point of all this is, the people at that meeting, were so full of knowledge, so ‘woke’, that they had this sort of ‘snobby’ attitude about them. So, because they are so full of knowledge they are now somewhat better than our fellow brothers and sisters, that still thinks racism doesn’t exist.

And I get it, its annoying to hear a black guy say he doesn’t like black girls or say “All Lives Matter.” But when one of us says “Who is Marcus Garvey?” Don’t go, “Oh my God, your such a coon, slave, uncle tom.” Teach them, give them the knowledge you have acquired. Correct their ignorance, in a nice friendly,’ I actually want to help you’ way. You have to understand that we as black people are not taught about ourselves in school, we do not see ourselves represented accurately in the media, therefore most of us are naturally ignorant. We are sleeping. Which is why we call it woke, because some of us have woken up from the ignorance. So now we have to turn around a pass the knowledge on to our family, friends, coworkers and even strangers. DO NOT BE A SNOBBY KNOW IT ALL. Because I can tell you now, that all the people in that meeting, giving me funny looks, do not know everything. We are all on a journey of discovery, we are all learning. We are all on different steps, so don’t be a douche to someone who is on step one, when you’re only on step two.

OK let me stop ranting and move on.

The ‘I’m so depressed about the world, but I don’t do anything about it’ type
This is sort of like the first person, but not as smug. More like, super depressed about everything, because they have learnt so much about the world and realised that its against them. So going back to what I said earlier. When you acquire a little bit of knowledge, you wake up out of the coma most of us are in. You get out of the bed of ignorance, you look around and everyone else is still sleeping. You mother, your father, your friends. It can be really lonely and frustrating, because no matter how much you scream at them, they don’t wake up. Just like a coma, they have to come out of it themselves. Which is why I keep stressing to support black people, no matter how asleep they seem to be. This type of person, just sits there ranting, instead of again being active.

This particular paragraph is for a friend who falls into this category. He knows who he is. He is actually the person, who got me started on all of this. So thank you. But again, because of the vast library of knowledge in his brain, its forced him to be alone. But what he doesn’t know that instead of walking around and smoking all day, he can become a pillar of the people. Wait forget that, HE HAS become a teacher for not only me, but other sleeping people. He has the potential to be a leader.

The ‘#conscious and #woke in my bio, but I would never date a black woman cause they’re too loud’ type
AHHHH this is simply dig at my friend that I talked about in type 1. And to all the people that feel the need to put that they are conscious in their Instagram bio, but again do nothing to ACTIVELY change the world we live in.

Please do not get the impression, that I think I’m so amazing and all of that. I know what I am doing, I know what I supposed to be doing and I know how I’m going to do it. I am ACTIVELY making the effort to educate myself and the people around me. Hence this whole blog.

What I am saying here is just that there is that type of person, that says they are all for the people, but aren’t really. Just think to yourself, what makes me conscious? What does being conscious mean?

The ‘things have changed, its 2016’ type.
Do I really have to talk about this type of person. The ones that say they’re pro black, but are quick to jump and defend anyone who isn’t black. The ‘All Lives Matter’ person, the we are a free person, the its 2016 person, the we are all the same person.

If you have ever said those things, I have some bad news for you. What else is there to say?

So there we go. Are you really conscious? Or are you part of this whole internet craze with being ‘pro black’.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay blessed family.