What to do when daddy starts acting a little too ‘Daddyish’

Let us commence with this meeting and jump straight into it. What to do when daddy starts acting a little too ‘Daddyish’. Well, what do I mean by this?

When daddy (your man)

starts acting a little too (by little I mean to damn much)

‘daddyish’ (Father like antics: I put this word in quotation marks, cause it’s not a word. Even though the term on Twitter has blown up as a hashtag)

Try to concentrate because I know the word daddy brings to mind this…


Calm down 😏😏😏

But I really mean this…

giphy (1).gif

So now that you’ve got the idea, let’s talk about controlling men or men with daddy like qualities.

What’s with them? Controlling men are like literally the worst type of man. (There are so many different types of man that get under my skin, but I’m just being dramatic.) Now we all like a man who takes control. Which confuses some men. But baby, there is a difference between taking control and being controlling. Women like confidence, but we do not need to be told how to walk and talk and eat. And sometimes us women don’t see a controlling man when we have one, we can mistake it for confidence. Some of us think it’s sexy. We are not children. Some men will tell you how to dress, what to eat, when to sleep, when to breathe and blink. What next? You going to teach me how to wipe myself in the toliet? 

So what makes a controlling man?

  • He wants to know where you are every second of the day and exactly what you’re doing: Now don’t get me wrong, letting your partner know what your up to is fine, but there is a limit. Wanting an update every 5 minutes is annoying. If I say I’m with friends, THEN I’M WITH FRIENDS AND I WILL CALL YOU LATER. Trust me and trust that I’m not out cheating or something like that.
  • He pushes his ideologies/beliefs on you: Now this one makes my blood boil. Let me break it down for you, because I know I have a couple of brothers on here that read this. Your chilling, you turn around and see a beautiful woman, you approach her, get her number, go on a couple of dates. She is a real nice girl. But there’s one problem. She wears makeup. Now this is what I don’t like… When the man all of a sudden starts telling her she shouldn’t wear makeup. 😠😠😠😠 And I’m not a big fan of it myself, but you can’t go trying to change her. Why did you talk to her in the first place? You saw all of that highlight and contour up on her face from the first day. Why didn’t you talk to the girl with the bare face? There are plenty of fish in the sea daddy o. Do you see what I mean? And it can be deeper that just makeup. It can go into religion, diet, money all of it. Why are you a Muslim man  chatting to a atheist girl, knowing damn well she’s an atheist, then getting mad when she reaches for a ham sandwich? Go find a nice Halal sister.(because you want your wife and children have the same religious beliefs as you.) This is the woman who will raise your children. Take it seriously. So the very fact that your talking to her means your not looking for anything serious. Which is haram in thr first place and straight up disrespectful. So why do they still do it? You know why? Because some people want their cake and eat it too. They like the look of you, physically. They are sexually attracted to you, but when it comes down to something serious they all mad about s**t. The amount of brothers that approach me and then say I would look better with straight hair. Mate, you would look better with a straight job and a straight house and some straight five figures in that dry up account of yours. Let me calm down. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Maybe he doesn’t eat meat and you like dem spicy wings. Don’t let him change you. If you decide to do anything in life, make sure it’s your decision.  But I hope you understand me, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t go for someone who clearly is completly different to you. Life is too short to be wasting time trying to change someone or change for someone. Maybe I looking at this all wrong, but hey. I don’t know bout you ladies, but I DO NOT LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO. LET ME REPEAT. I DO NOT LIKE BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO.

  • He corrects everything you do: Like your a baby that needs to be told what to do or is doing something wrong.
  • He constantly puts you down: And bigs himself up, like your both in some sort of a competition.
  • Your spending less time with family and friends: Of course someone new in your life means there is going to be less time for the other people. But don’t forget about your loved ones. Being single has made me realise how much time I wasn’t spending with my mother and my grandparents. It made me realise how I didn’t actually have any friends. So I made some. I go out so much more now. I spend time with myself, learning and thinking. I even started this blog, because I was able to focus on myself. Just don’t let a man take all that away from you. Learn to balance him with the rest of your life and if he doesn’t like it well… You know what type of demon your working with.

So what do you do if daddy is acting a little too ‘daddyish’. 

Talk to him. Tell him how he’s making you feel and that you don’t like it. He might not know that he’s being a crazy cunt. 

And if that doesn’t work.

End it. 

Simple as. You deserve to be happy and if someone in your life isn’t making you happy, you gotta cut them off. βœ‚βœ‚ 

So I hope that little rant helped some of you. Let me know if you agree or disagree with anything stated. I don’t mind, I’m all about making conversation.

Until next time,

Stay blessed Queens.πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

3 thoughts on “What to do when daddy starts acting a little too ‘Daddyish’”

  1. Excellent piece ma’am however in to days climate where most people can’t establish their head from their asshole/friend from enemy/good from bad depending on the subject don’t you feel some ‘caddying’ or even ‘mummying’ is necessary to correct the rampant ‘fukkery’ in society ?


    1. Good point. Maybe. I’m just not gonna do that. If I have to mummy a man, then I simply won’t be attracted to him. But that’s me. We can still support each other as sisters and brothers.
      Thank you for the comment.


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