Can you be Pro black and celebrate Christmas?

I am currently at my grandparents house, after having dinner. We’re at the point where everyone is bored and trying to find something to do. The turkey has been eaten, the presents have been opened and now I’m here thinking about how Christmas and me have grown apart over the years. Now I don’t want to ruin anyone’s fun today, but as I said before, I don’t want this to be the type of blog that gives a damn. I want this to be a blog that makes you think, makes you either angry or sad or happy, makes you feel some type of way. Thought is the first step, if you’re thinking that means you’re using your head, making you one step closer to not being a brain dead sheep.

So now think. Can you be ‘Pro-black’ and celebrate Christmas?

Well, I can tell you my opinion. I personally think European/ Western holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Halloween etc.) are like poison to the African mind. But the first question we need to ask is what really is ‘pro-back’? I think we all like to consider ourselves to be so called pro black, because if you’re not it some what insinuates that you don’t care for black people. However the whole pro-black movement (in my opinion) has become a bunch of bull. Its like a GMO form of what I imagined the pro black movement would be like. You’ve got girls all naked on Instagram using the hashtag #woke and the whole ‘black lives matter’ movement is funded by George Soros (Democrat and bff with the Rothschild family. GOOGLE IT.) Let me stop I talked about this in my other post. Watch this vid of brother Polight, its very interesting.

Now back to the topic at hand. Th second question we need to ask ourselves is what is the true meaning of Christmas? Well if you consider yourself to be a Christian, you celebrate the holiday called Christmas. Where billions of people cerebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We all know the story, so there is no point going on. Now Christmas in 2016 is just materialistic and silly, a lot of people don’t even go to church. I actually just watched the Pope making a speech to his followers, expressing the need for people to stop being so crazy when it comes to Christmas and go back to it’s original purpose. (Jesus’s birthday) So if you are a Christian, Christmas is something you’re going to recognise and celebrate.

Type Black Christians in Google *interesting*

Your probably reading this thinking is this girl Christian? No, no I am not. I do not believe in Jesus Christ nor do I believe that he was born on the 25th of December. But as you know from earlier, I am here in my Christmas jumper, enjoying myself with the family. So am I a hypocrite? Maybe? So hold tight. I’m not going to use this post to bash Christians or anything like that. All I can say to my Christian friends and followers is that I love you, sit down, read your Bible, research the origins of Christianity. Research how black people became Christians and think for yourself. Remember I told you earlier to think, so think about your faith and how you as a black person fits into it. So am I atheist? Am I Muslim? Am I Jewish? Am I a devil worshipper?

Lol my religious beliefs are something that I will talk about in another post. I’m going to make this post short, because I have to get back to the family, but if I get a lot of replies on this I will definitely make a part two. The topic of religion is also something I want to talk more about. A lot of people are scared to address it, but you know me already, we are going to address it.

Moral of this post is… do what you want. I personally think that simply because your Christian doesn’t mean you don’t care about your people. Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists etc. can all be what we call ‘Pro-black’ (I use quotation marks, because the authenticity of the pro black movement is questionable.) Just be aware of what you are following, what you claim to be, what you do and how it affects people. I will leave the question of this post open to you. Debate between yourselves.

So until next time,

Stay Blessed Queens.

2 thoughts on “Can you be Pro black and celebrate Christmas?”

    1. Girl, there’s so many thoughts going on in my head right now, don’t know where to start.
      I’m a girl who was born and raised Muslim now an adult who is questioning my blind faith, I’m scared. Afraid of where all my searching is going to lead me. Lol! I know this is about Christmas and Christianity but I think we of all faiths are beginning to think for ourselves and demanding answers.

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