My problem with the so called ‘Conscious’community

OK this post has been sitting in my drafts for quite a while. I was debating on whether to post this up or not, simply because people get salty over every little thing. But I don’t want this to be a blog that gives a damn. So…

I’ve come to the conclusion that there are different types of people that claim to be ‘conscious’. Having an Afro and wearing a dashiki does not make you conscious, my friend. Being woke is a state of mind, most of us haven’t even reached yet, including myself. My third eye isn’t even open, its just squinting a little.

Here we go.

The ‘I’m an activist, but I’m not actually active ‘ type
Living in London, means carnival takes place every year. This year I decided to go, because why not? So I text my friend from college, who I haven’t seen since Christmas. So not to make the story long, we get there and there is a group of people handing out leaflets. The leaflets were about London rapper (Dawood) David Robinson’s death; he was shot in late August, by what is thought to be a fellow rival. Basically the people at carnival, were simply raising awareness about his death and the lack of effort being put into the police investigation.

So as we walk past and one of the guys reaches out to hand a leaflet to my friend… ARE YOU READY? She says, “I’m good. I’m activist enough already.” And she just walks off to whine on some guy. OK, this is what I mean. How can you be activist enough already, what are you doing to help this? What have you done to make a difference? What the actual hell? These were all questions going through my head, so I just said nothing to her, took a leaflet and said thank you to the guy. And that day I learnt about the death of Dawood.

The word activist, means to be actually doing something, hence the word active. Your supposed to be making a change or at least trying. And if you’re not doing something, just keep your mouth shut and don’t be smug about it. OMG. The nerve.


The ‘I’m think I’m so conscious, which makes me better than anyone’ type
Right another story. I went to a Pan African meeting in North London, a few months ago. It was basically a meeting, were different speakers from the Pan African Community in London, came and gave a few speeches. So I turn up in my skinny jeans and crop top, looking nervous and completely awkward. (If you don’t know already, I am socially awkward, so being in a room with strangers is a task for me) Everyone else are wearing hand woven hemp trousers and rocking every type of Ankh jewellery possible. Like we get it the Ankh is amazing, but having Ankh earrings, necklaces, rings, t shirt, socks, and everything else; makes it look like you’re trying a bit much. (no hate) But that’s my opinion. Anyway, the point of all this is, the people at that meeting, were so full of knowledge, so ‘woke’, that they had this sort of ‘snobby’ attitude about them. So, because they are so full of knowledge they are now somewhat better than our fellow brothers and sisters, that still thinks racism doesn’t exist.

And I get it, its annoying to hear a black guy say he doesn’t like black girls or say “All Lives Matter.” But when one of us says “Who is Marcus Garvey?” Don’t go, “Oh my God, your such a coon, slave, uncle tom.” Teach them, give them the knowledge you have acquired. Correct their ignorance, in a nice friendly,’ I actually want to help you’ way. You have to understand that we as black people are not taught about ourselves in school, we do not see ourselves represented accurately in the media, therefore most of us are naturally ignorant. We are sleeping. Which is why we call it woke, because some of us have woken up from the ignorance. So now we have to turn around a pass the knowledge on to our family, friends, coworkers and even strangers. DO NOT BE A SNOBBY KNOW IT ALL. Because I can tell you now, that all the people in that meeting, giving me funny looks, do not know everything. We are all on a journey of discovery, we are all learning. We are all on different steps, so don’t be a douche to someone who is on step one, when you’re only on step two.

OK let me stop ranting and move on.

The ‘I’m so depressed about the world, but I don’t do anything about it’ type
This is sort of like the first person, but not as smug. More like, super depressed about everything, because they have learnt so much about the world and realised that its against them. So going back to what I said earlier. When you acquire a little bit of knowledge, you wake up out of the coma most of us are in. You get out of the bed of ignorance, you look around and everyone else is still sleeping. You mother, your father, your friends. It can be really lonely and frustrating, because no matter how much you scream at them, they don’t wake up. Just like a coma, they have to come out of it themselves. Which is why I keep stressing to support black people, no matter how asleep they seem to be. This type of person, just sits there ranting, instead of again being active.

This particular paragraph is for a friend who falls into this category. He knows who he is. He is actually the person, who got me started on all of this. So thank you. But again, because of the vast library of knowledge in his brain, its forced him to be alone. But what he doesn’t know that instead of walking around and smoking all day, he can become a pillar of the people. Wait forget that, HE HAS become a teacher for not only me, but other sleeping people. He has the potential to be a leader.

The ‘#conscious and #woke in my bio, but I would never date a black woman cause they’re too loud’ type
AHHHH this is simply dig at my friend that I talked about in type 1. And to all the people that feel the need to put that they are conscious in their Instagram bio, but again do nothing to ACTIVELY change the world we live in.

Please do not get the impression, that I think I’m so amazing and all of that. I know what I am doing, I know what I supposed to be doing and I know how I’m going to do it. I am ACTIVELY making the effort to educate myself and the people around me. Hence this whole blog.

What I am saying here is just that there is that type of person, that says they are all for the people, but aren’t really. Just think to yourself, what makes me conscious? What does being conscious mean?

The ‘things have changed, its 2016’ type.
Do I really have to talk about this type of person. The ones that say they’re pro black, but are quick to jump and defend anyone who isn’t black. The ‘All Lives Matter’ person, the we are a free person, the its 2016 person, the we are all the same person.

If you have ever said those things, I have some bad news for you. What else is there to say?

So there we go. Are you really conscious? Or are you part of this whole internet craze with being ‘pro black’.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below.

Stay blessed family.

3 thoughts on “My problem with the so called ‘Conscious’community”

  1. Hi FeedTheQueen,
    Very nice post. Very observant. I however do not agree with your assessment of the “THE ‘I’M THINK I’M SO CONSCIOUS WHICH MAKES ME BETTER THAN ANYONE’ TYPE” tho. Your friend came to a carnival to have fun, being an activist means, I think, standing up for a cause that you choose not every cause that you see, that sounds exhausting. I would do the same thing too, ain’t nobody thinking bout protest when they want to whine. Time and a place.
    I do agree with everything else though. There are a lot of hypocrites, ignorant people and bandwagonist posing as activists out there. If you look hard though I think time weeds them out eventually. You can only lie to yourself for so long, right.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello fellow Queen,
      Thank you so much for leaving a comment, its nice to know that people are actually reading what I write.
      And I get what your saying. Maybe there is a time and a place for protesting/raising awareness. I didn’t look at it as, she just wanted to have fun. We all went there to I fun, I guess, and we did.

      The point I was making, is that my friend is simply one of those people, who say they do something and then doesn’t. Say they stand for something, but really be sitting. (you feel me) 🙂

      Again thank you for the comment and keep tuning in. A fellow black women’s opinion is important.

      Stay Blessed.

      Feed The Queen.


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