Yoni Powers: Fighting The Fish

Everyone has their own personal, unique odour, which is completely fine. The problem is when the smell becomes ‘offensive’. When your  fully clothed with your legs shut and the smell still manages to reach your nostrils. When you walk into a packed public toilet and your forced to go into a cubicle straight after another woman. And the smell of rotting salmon hits you like freight train, bless the poor girl, because you already know she was embarrassed. Most peoples reaction would be “Eww she needs to go wash, how can you come out like that.” Washing does help, but you have to consider the fact that maybe she did wash and something is going on down there that she can not control or maybe she just doesn’t have the knowledge.

So where does this nasty smell come from?

There are various reasons. A woman’s vagina is naturally filled with bacteria but when there is an overgrowth, the condition is called bacterial vaginosis and causes a “fishy” odour.

  •  Sex
  •  Possible infection (Yeast, U.T.I, other types of S.T.I)
  • Your diet ( What you put into your body, depends on how it reacts)

So let me bring you in on what I’ve been using, to fight the fish and have a beautifully smelling pum pum. Going back to diet, eating clean is key. And I know I’m not one to preach, because I be eating all sorts of nonsense, burgers, chips, cake. But the fact of the matter is all those fruits and vegetable will clean you out from the inside. Drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice will also help. Cranberry is loaded with acid compounds that fight off bad bacteria, cranberry juice can kobiece-sprawyhelp you prevent and relieve urinary tract infections. But go for a natural, no-sugar-added brand to get the benefits.

Eating  sweet potatoes will also aid to a fresh vagina.  Their vitamin A contributes to healthy vaginal and uterine walls and helps us produce the hormones we need to stay vibrant and energised. Garlic itself is pretty smelly but it’s known to be antimicrobial and they say eating it raw can help fight yeast infections. (You might not have a smelly vag anymore but your mouth will now be popping. At least I helped fix one problem)

Now lets get to the fun part. TEA TREE OIL. This stuff, apart from my beloved coconut oil, is life. I first discovered tea tree oil, on my quest to cure my psoriasis. I learnt that by using tea tree oil in my hair, my scalp was less irritated and was not pealing as much. Natural hair and scalp problems are for another post and another time. But Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and has a very strong smell. After doing my own research on how to get rid of a smelly vagina, I realised that the oil would help with that too. I wanted to get rid of the nasty smell you get after sex and at the end of a cycle. All of the articles were telling me to stick yogurt and a bunch of stuff up me, but I didn’t quite know how to get it up there.

So I came up with a ‘semi helpful’ idea. You get a tampon, some tea tree oil and some olive oil. You get a nice little bowl or container and you pour in the olive oil, with a few drops of tea tree oil. The key ingredient here is the tea tree oil, the olive oil is used as a carrier oil to sort of dilute the tea tree oil because its so strong. After that, you remove the tampon from the applicator and drop it in with the oil mixture. Let the tabigstock-Pipette-dropper-of-aromatherap-16554995-1024x682.jpgmpon soak up as much oils possible and then… guess what. You do a nice little squat and nice and gently insert it into yourself. You leave it up there
for an hour, then remove it and have a nice shower.

Now I get that if your not used to using tampons, it will be awkward. And yes, I know that tampons are bleached and all of that, but this is the easiest way to insert the oil into yourself. I personally don’t use tampons anymore, only for this, I am using my menstrual cup. My thoughts on this will actually be up in the next yoni powers post. Plus your only going to be doing this once maybe twice a month. This is why I called it ‘semi helpful’.  I also like to put a few drops of tea tree oil in my feminine wash ( review coming soon) to freshen me up.


Right so lets recap

  •  Eat right and eat clean (drink your water ladies)
  • Tea tree oil will help kill off that smell and fight infection.
  • Oh I forgot. Wear the correct clothing, nothing to tight around your crotch area. It will rub and irritate you more. Nice cotton panties will do the trick.
  • Clean yourself before and after sex. Wash that kitty cat before to make sure your smelling good for your King and wash that Kitty cat after to wash you King away. 😉
  • If you have tried everything under the sun, you’ve used the tea tree oil, you’ve drank a whole river, you’ve scrubbed all your skin away and even cast a spell or two. Maybe you should  just go to see your doctor. It could be a serious health issue.
  • And good luck Queens









































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