Yoni Powers Edition

Yay. I’m so excited for this.

Yonis or vaginas are something us ladies find hard to talk about. Periods, discharge, that ‘fishy’ smell, U.T.I’S, to shave or not to shave. All of things topics are going to be covered in the Yoni powers edition.

Now what is a Yoni?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the female genitals or the vulva, especially as a symbol of divine procreative energy conventionally represented by a circular stone. Which translates to “source of all life” or “sacred space.” Which I think is pretty accurate.


There are things like ‘Yoni Breathing’, Yoni Eggs’, ‘Yoni Massage (Which is something I’m planning on trying ) *awkward wink face* I just ordered my first Yoni egg, so I will review that and everything else soon. But this stems into what I was talking about in the ‘What is a queen?’ post, referring to respecting your temple. Looking after your pum pum (Jamaican slang for vagina) is apart of that, most women were never taught or never cared about how to maintain and care for their vagina, until something happens. Like getting an infection or some horrible rancid fishy smell suddenly appears.

My journey with my beautiful,’juicy’, (name for my yoni) started with me getting a U.T.I. Now if you don’t know what that means it stands for Urinal Tract Infection. You can get this from sticking things up your yoni, usually the dreaded penis. Bacteria from the tip of a man’s penis gets all up in your urethra and gives you an infection. You pee all the time. It hurts to pee, your bladder aches and your vagina has this numb sort of feeling. Not good at all. You have to go the chemist and get this thing to dissolve in your water and if it gets really bad you have to go to the doctor andMa Re.jpg get some lovely man made medicine. So the simply knowledge of how to deal with this, like peeing after sex, will help to avoid it. Peeing after sex will in a way, will wash away the bacteria inside you. It sounds dumb, but it really makes

Anyway, back to Yoni powers. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting up products that I’m trying out, including my yoni egg.

Vagina’s are amazing. We as women are life, you can see it every
where. In nature, in culture (our culture), absolutely everywhere.

So lets begin Queens. Learning to respect your temple, will lead to others respecting your temple, it will lead to great health, great sex and a great life. So lets make our yoni’s powerful. Posts up soon.





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