Calibakers: The Premier African History Brand

Now this is a company I just discovered recently, which is why I had to jump on and educate myself. (Cause you know a girl is already here for dat black money.)  Shame on me for not knowing who Calibakers were before. So now that I have been enlightened, let me show you what were dealing with.

So who are these Calibakers?

Calibakers are a or THE premier African history brand. I was just checking out the website and I’m liking the looks of that women’s ‘Knowledge’ T-shirt. They have a different range of footwear, accessories, body products and books. Including ‘CaliBaker’s Presents: Philosophy & Opinions Of Marcus Garvey.’ (Which I definitely need to get a copy of.) If you don’t know about Marcus Garvey, my friend, do not worry I will put you on. (or just buy the book)


*The mission of Calibakers as the premier African history brand is to empower our people by showcasing the greatness of our history. We want to be the vessel that plants and waters the roots Mr. Garvey talked about. Beauty and Sustenance. We promote the beauty of our people, our culture, and our history. We provide sustenance by using our skills and resources to support black communities, black businesses, and keep black dollars circulating in the black community. When we eat, everyone eats.*

I like the way they use the phrase “When we eat, everyone eats.” Black people need to start using that as their catch phrase. Calibakers, to me, are not only a place were you can buy cool T-Shirts, but Calibakers are a business based on the knowledge of black people. These guys know their stuff, they know their culture. Which means they can really cater to the consumer, they can cater for us because they are us. Plus you can learn a little something too. Education and what I like to call ‘Black economics’, is the key to progression Kings and Queens; and Calibakers are doing both.

Right, so I caught up with Calibakers and got the chance to ask them a few questions about their growing black empire.

How did the idea to start up Calibakers come about?

We started out making flyers for a local act. The design on the flyer took on a life of itself and created a demand for merchandising.

 What is the end goal for Calibakers and what is next?

Our short term goal is to build manufacturing plants all across the Americas, that will employ our people.


Can you describe your customers?

African American 15-45.

If you could choose a mascot to represent calibakers, who would it be?  (Calibaker’s inspiration)

 African history, because we honestly feel there is nothing new under the sun.


Have you found that black people have been supportive of calibakers?

Yes they have, we have investors all around the world. Of course we have our hick ups and set backs, but they are just building blocks.

 A few facts behind the mind/minds of calibakers (you) 

We didn’t have enough money to buy a screen press, so we built one. Out of like wood and stuff.

What’s one thing you think black people need to start doing?

Building things, cars, computers and anything we may need as a people.


Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 10.22.42 AM


So there you have it. You now know about one more really cool black owned business. Calibakers are people that genuinely care about the progression of our people, because guess what?? They are our people.

Go check out Calibakers at

Trust me its worth having a look and remember,”If we eat, everyone’s eating.” (that sounds so cheesy, but I now officially dub that as our catch phrase)

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